Why our method works best.

The Staub method is very easy for the user to apply. With a simple alginate impression of each jaw and the indication of the tooth colour, the perfect denture can be made. The bite measurement is not needed any more. Possible patient wishes, such as a natural or straight alignment can also be taken into account.

The impressions can be delegated to an experienced assistant. It is only necessary to take an impression of the anatomical situation distal to the tuberosity on both the upper and lower jaw and to make sure that the fold is free of air bubbles. Trimming of the impressions is not necessary.

No further purchase of expensive equipment is required.

The Staub method has been established on the market since 1983 and has been refined ever since. In 2003, the method was scientifically investigated and confirmed at the University of Freiburg as part of a dissertation and in 2006 at the University of Basel.

However, as the practical implementation was complicated and time-consuming and therefore expensive, it has not become so widespread. But thanks to a technological leap forward, IDfant is able to reduce the time required to a fraction.